Older Dogs Available

All of our older dogs are well socialized, current on vaccinations and deworming, crate trained and have varing degrees of training.  An older dog is often a great choice for a busy household that just can't quite fit in a puppy. 

Please also check out our Skyfire puppies
page to see if something there fits your needs.



Gabby is a four year old black girl who is an awesome, happy, outgoing girl who believes the party starts when she arrives!  Gabby has had a limited show career, always placing in large classes at specialties. 

She would be an excellent addition to an active family who is looking for a companion to play, hike, and have fun at the lake with.  Gabby is health, sound and ready to interview for her new family.

Email Stephanie for more information.



Tonka is a lovley, sweet, silly six year old chocolate girl who believes she is part fish and just gets along with everyone.  While Tonka loves to retrieve, and swim, she is laid back and would do well with a family with young kids or perhaps who is nearing retirement and the pace of life has slowed just a bit.  Tonka has never met someone who is not her friend and would be a great therapy prospect.

Email Stephanie for more information.





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