The Boys of Skyfire

Ruger "Ruger" 2010 Yellow Dog (Yy)

CH Somerson Skyfire Six Shooter for Livewire RN
Gambit as puppy

"Gambit" 2011 Chocolate Dog (Cc)

Skyfire Maritime Hanky Panky WC


"Ducati"  2014 Black Dog (By)

Skyfire's Chasin The Horizon


"Elvis"  2015 Chocolate Dog (Cc)

Skyfire's Hunk of Burnin Love


Token 2016 Black Dog (By)
Skyfire's Frozen Assets


Olaf 2016 Yellow Dog (Yy)
Skyfire's Worth Melting For

Reference Only


"Alibi"  1998 Chocolate Dog (Cc)

Am / Can CH Skyfire's Oughta Be A Law JH CD WC

1998 - 2011


"George" 2002 Black Dog (Byc)

Can CH Skyfire's Just Lucky I Guess

2002 - 2015


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