PSLRA 2023 Stud Dog Auction

Please thank these generous owners for supporting the Puget Sound Labrador Retreiver Association by
donating a breeding to these wonderful boys below.

Bidding to take place online or in person at the PSLRA 2023 Specialty Aug 3th through 5th, 2023.
Auction to close to online bidders at 6:30 PM pacific time on Saturday August 5th, 2023
Auction to close to in-person bidders at 7:30 PM pacific time on Saturday August 5th, 2023.
No bids either in person or online will be accepted after that time.

All bidders must agree to the PSLRA Stud Dog Auction Terms as outlined here.
No bids will be taken without acknowledgement of agreement to terms.

Click on each dog’s name or picture to go to their website for more information. 

Online bidding here! 



Erinhill’s Love That Dirty Water
CH Shar-Jam Zac Posen
x Erinhill’s Victory Rose



GCH CH Empress Escapade at Epoch
GCHG CH Epoch’s Moccasin Joe
x GCH Empress Keep Calm and Chive On



Forestwood’s Chosen One TKN CGC
BISS GCHS Aquarius Immabe Trouble
x CH Forestwood’s A Penny From Heaven


Louis V

CH Empress Louis Vuitton SH CGC RA DN WCX TDI
MBISS GCH CH Kimleigh Gucci Roll In The Moon DN JH
x BISS CH Empress I Am Jubilee JH WC



CH Hoffmann’s Stop & Stare
BISS GCH CH Zinfndel Lengley’s Big Papi
x CH Zinfndels Try Not To Stare


Choice (fresh semen):
RBIS MBISS Can CH Thomashenry’s Original Draught WC
BISS GCHB Piccadilly’s A Shade Darker
x BISS Can GCH Thomashenry All About the Bass WC

Multi BISS Can CH Thomashenry’s The Irishman
CH Piccadilly’s Secret Handshake
x BISS Can GCH Thomashenry All About the Bass WC


BISS GCH Can CH Cedarwood Montview The Whole Enchilada CGC TKN
Am/Can CH Cedarwood Signatures Otter By Design WC
x Can CH Crossroads Jolly Snickers at Cedarwood



CH Wateroak’s Talking To The Moon CGC TKN
MBISS GCHB Lakeside Memoir of Gallivant CGC TKN
x CH WaterOaks Agatha Christie


All bidders must agree to the PSLRA Stud Dog Auction Terms as outlined here.
No bids will be taken without acknowledgement of agreement to terms.

Email for more information.

P.S.L.R.A 2023



  • This auction is for stud service ONLY, shipping, extender and all other breeding expenses are the sole responsibility of the bitch owner. 
  • Stud Service expires 8/7/25. 
  • Stud Service may not be sold or transferred. 
  • Stud Service is for use on one bitch you own or co-own. 
  • The female that the service will be used on must be an AKC/CKC registered Labrador Retriever that is at least two years old and that is black, chocolate or yellow and does not carry a dilute gene nor exhibit any disqualifying traits as per the AKC/CKC standard. 
  • Bitches must have appropriate health clearances as set forth by each individual stud owner. 
  • Payment must be made payable to P.S.L.R.A by 8/7/23. 
  • If payment is not made by above date stud service will be offered to the reserve bidder. 
  • No monies will be refunded.
  • Bitches who miss (do not conceive) will receive ONE repeat mating on live stud dogs; there are no repeats on frozen semen.  Any breeding expenses are the responsibility of the bitch owner including extender, semen shipping boxes, collection of stud dog by Veterinarian if required and shipping costs. 

Donation of and/or purchase of a stud service creates a binding contract between the stud dog owner and the bitch owner.  The PSLRA nor any of its members are NOT responsible in any event for any accident, breach of contract, or other incident arising by or between the buyer, the seller, or any other persons with respect to the stud service auction or any aspect thereof.   

By signing and obtaining a bidder number you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association (PSLRA), its agents and members, from any and all liability, loss, damage, expense, causes of action, suits, claims or judgments to the above signed or other persons or property resulting from or arising out of the participation of this stud service auction.  PSLRA does not endorse one stud dog over another.  

PSLRA Code of Ethics states that dogs should not be bred until they have final OFA clearances.  If you are high bidder on a stud dog currently on OFA Preliminary evaluation PSLRA strongly urges you to wait to use this stud dog until OFA Final evaluations are complete as set forth in our code of ethics.