Skyfire’s Hunk of Burning Love

OFA Hips Prelim Good, Elbows Prelim Clear, OFA Heart Echo’d clear, EIC Clear, HNPK Clear, CNM Clear,
PRA Clear, Dilute Clear, Long Coat Clear, Full Dentition

For Reference Only

 Elvis is really a special dog.
I’ve decided to include this page, even though Elvis is now neutered and retired,
living an amazing life with a fabulous family in the midwest
– spoiled and loved!

Elvis was WD at the LRC of Canada, RWD at the LRCC supported entry,  Best of Opposite in Sweeps at LRC of Canada National, Best of Opposite in Sweeps at PSLRA, Best of Opposite in Sweeps  at SJVLRC, and won both of his 12 to 15 month classes at the Potomac that year.  What a promising start!

But (you knew there was a but coming right?), we did Elvis’s prelims at 12 months and he prelim’d hips good and elbows clear (view document here), unfortunately when we did his final OFA’s at two years of age, he failed one hip.  Even though both my personal vet and the specialist told me that with him prelimming good at one year and then failing only one hip at two years it was most likely indicative of an injury – I made the very difficult decision to remove him from the breeding program and retire him at that time.  Now, looking back – I wonder if I wasn’t too quick to make that decision.  Elvis was bred a handful of times on his pre-lims.  He has produced six offspring who have been OFA’d three with OFA excellent hips, and three offspring with OFA good hips and none who have failed!  Additionally, his three full siblings all OFA’d hips good, elbows clear.

Skyfire congratulates Elvis’ son BISS CH Somersun Forever in Blue Jeans for finishing his championship with three majors including going Best of Breed from the classes at the Pawcatuck Labrador Retreiver Club show under respected breeder judge Anja Verbeek, Winners Dog at San Joaquin Valley LRC under Manolo Queijeiro, and BOB from the classes at Rainier Sporting Dog. 


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