Skyfire’s All the Right Places

OFA Hips Good, OFA Elbows Clear, Heart Echo’d Clear, CNM Clear, EIC Clear, HNPK Clear, PRA Clear, DM Clear, SD2 Clear, Cystinuria Clear, Hyperuricosuria Clear, Pyruvate Kinase Deficiencey Clear, Dilute Clear, Long Coat Carrier, Curly Coat Clear, Pure for Yellow.

Lemon is our sweet, happy, pandemic baby (named after LuluLemon).  She’s out of one of my favorite girls and sired by Stacey Parson’s boy Riff.  Unfortunatelyher show career was interrupted by Covid.  We are excited to have Lemon producing the next generation of Skyfire Labradors for us!

Well this is embarrassing – You can tell Lemon is a covid baby… I don’t have any adult pictures of her!  Watch for some soon!

CH Himoon Overland West Side Story CH Everland Greased Lightnin’ MBISS Bronze GCH Lakeside Memoir of Gallivant Gallivant Big Pine Out of Africa
CH Meredith Herbu Zamora 
Overland Creme Brûlée CH Epoch’s Jolly Folly
BISS GCH Himoon Life is a Beach WC CGC
Himoon It’s A Beautiful Day CH Himoon Freedom CH Elhid Average Joe
CH Saltmeadow Peace at Highmoon
CH Himoon It’s A Wonderful Life CH Boradors By George
Himoon Bossa Nova De Rio
Skyfire’s Marry A Millionaire Greenstone’s Royal Flush BISS CH Wit’s End Jacks or Better at Blackwing BISS CH Blackwing Superfine
BISS CH Wit’s End Windfall Vegas Showgirl
CH Greenstone’s Everlasting Bloom BISS Hyspire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes
Trinity’s Everlasting Vine
Skyfire’s Some Like it Hot Trinty’s Titus BISS CH Dickendall Davaron Gable
CH Trinity’s Eternal Joy
Skyfire’s Kodiak Bombshell Skyfire’s Quidditch Star
Skyfire’s Life on the Edge