Skyfire’s Toasted Coconut

OFA Hips Good, Elbows Clear, OFA Heart Echo’d clear, EIC Clear by Parentage, PRA Clear by Parentage,  Full Dentition

Macaroon is a funny, sweet, silly girl who reminds me daily of her dad!  For any of you pro rodeo fans – she is mostly named after the famous bucking  stallion Grated Coconut, when happy she bounces around like a good bucking horse (minus the heel kick), but because she is brown we thought Toasted Coconut was more appropriate.  

 Shown above in full sunburned winter coat, Macroon is a beautiful girl, with bone, size, coat, angles and topline.  
Just everything we want.  Macaroon makes me smile daily! 

Because there has been some discussion about it, I am posting Macaroon’s mother (Gabby) OFA Hip and Elbow clearances here.  Gabby was OFA’d three days prior to turning two years of age, in standing season and because I didn’t want to wait another ten months to breed her – I shot her films and bred her on her prelims.  Gabby was OFA Hips Good, Elbows clear at three days shy of two years, and I saw no reason to reshoot films to get that ‘final’ clearance for three days difference.  




Skyfire’s Hunk of Burning Love
WD LRC of Canada
BOSweeps LRC of Canada 

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